Your Choice Of Real Estate Agent COUNTS

Whether you are a homeowner, who has decided to sell your home, or a potential buyer, seeking to find the house, for you, your selection of a particular individual, as your real estate agent, often makes a significant difference. There is no, one – size – fits – all, when it comes to determining, one’s ideal representative, there is no doubt, this selection, and your choice, truly matters, and COUNTS. With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly discuss, and examine, using the mnemonic approach, some of the essentials, when it comes to this important, essential consideration.

1. Competitive properties: If you are looking at potential houses, to purchase, doesn’t it make sense, to understand, the local market, and the competition? Your agent should prepare for you, just as listing agents do, a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), so you understand if there’s wiggle – room, or little negotiating space! The agent you select, for listing your home, should provide you, with a professionally prepared, relevant, realistic, CMA, so you best price, and position your house, to sell as quickly as possible, at the highest available price, and with a minimum of hassle!

2. Objectivity; opinions; options: You are always best – positioned, when you proceed with objectivity, rather than merely, emotional! Evaluate your options, and proceed, in the best manner, for your personal needs! Quality agents should offer their professional opinions, based on absolute integrity, and in the best interests of their clients!

3. Unique; useful: What unique characteristics does a particular agent possess, and how might that benefit his clients? Real estate agents must provide relevant, useful direction, and guidance!

4. Needs; nuances; neighborhood: Professional, quality agents, get to know and understand, their clients needs, concerns and priorities, and use the most appropriate nuances, which might, best serve, his clients! Experience should guide how an agent helps, because, he understands the local neighborhood, and the best way to proceed!

5. Trends: Years ago, houses were marketed, predominantly, via newspaper advertising, and word – of – mouth! Times have changed, and today’s marketing still includes print media, but has been expanded, to adapt to the digital age! Opt for an agent, who knows current trends, capably uses them, and has the ability to know, which one (or ones), might best serve a particular client’s needs, and circumstances!

6. Systems; strengths; staging: Discuss thoroughly your agent’s ideas and approaches, and be certain, you are on, the same page! Find an agent, whose philosophy and approach, and suggested systems, are, such, you will share a common philosophy! Discuss a particular property’s strengths, and weaknesses, and determine, how to best use those strengths, with impact! How might, or might not, staging be, either indicated, or unnecessary?

Interview agents, and find the best one for you, because, who you choose, matters and COUNTS! Protect the asset, which for most, is their most valuable one!