Why You Should Hire A GENUINE Real Estate Agent

There’s many considerations, a homeowner, seeking to sell his home, or a potential buyer, looking for a house, of his own, must consider and evaluate, in order to decide and determine, who the best person, is, for them to hire. While we often discuss assets and attributes, such as negotiating skills/ abilities, absolute integrity, marketing/ sales, focus, allegiance, and commitment, there is a somewhat – intangible asset, which we discuss, far less often. This aspect, which I refer to as being, GENUINE, will be briefly discussed, evaluated, and considered, using the mnemonic approach, because it is very relevant.

1. Goodwill: Since so much is expected from real estate agents, it’s important, to hire someone, who prioritizes and emphasizes, generating goodwill, rather than pressuring, being adversarial, or less – than – absolutely, positive!

2. Empathy; enrich: Opt for someone, with a true focus, on listening first, and speaking less! We need individuals, who, proceed with the utmost degree of genuine empathy, which focuses on the perceptions of one’s clients, and addresses the concerns, and questions, others ask, to their satisfaction. Rather than discrediting or minimizing what others say, or ask, or feeling, simply because you understand, they should, it’s important, for your agent, to be ready, willing and able, to see things, through the eyes, of others! Consider how the best agent, for you, will enrich your experiences, and get you, the most desirable results.

3. Needs: Effective representation must focus on the needs, concerns and priorities of the client. How will that individual, clearly demonstrate, and prove, he is absolutely committed, if his concern, isn’t focused on what your client’s needs?

4. Useful; unique: What about one individual, might be, unique, and in your best interests? It’s important that every aspect of what, that person does, is truly useful, and in the your best interests!

5. Integrity; ideas; imagination: Seek someone who will maintain absolute integrity, even when another way, might be easier, and a shortcut! Only when one is able to visualize what might be, and has the imagination, which drives relevant ideas, will a homeowner, receive the finest, possible representation!

6. Niche: Different homes might attract different types of buyers, so the marketing system, and focus, should begin, by recognizing any niche, which might, best, fit! It’s not only about listing a home, or showing it, but, rather, doing, so to the most appropriate, qualified, potential buyers, for the specific property, and circumstances.

7. Excellence; emphasis: You need, and deserve, someone, who demands, his highest level of personal excellence, rather than settling for good – enough! When this mindset if focused properly, and the agent places his emphasis, where it will best serve you, your possibilities are enhanced and improved!