Why Offering Employee Benefits Is Important to Attracting Good Employees

Throwing cash at a talented prospect isn’t enough to bring many of them on board these days. Employees want benefits, and offering an attractive employee benefits package is crucial to attracting top talent. These benefits help the company offering them, too, by reducing employee turnover and promoting a happier, healthier workplace.

Which employee benefits should be offered?

The type of benefits offered varies from one company to another. Choose them wisely because employee benefits are a significant investment in your workforce. Construction companies, for example, may want to offer short term disability insurance options because injuries are common. Stressful office environments, however, may need to offer additional vacation time to help employees unplug and distress. The one thing that any company worth its salt should offer, though, is family insurance. Retirement plans are also at the top of the list.

Why is family insurance important?

Medical insurance, life insurance and other types of policies that affect the health and livelihood of an employee’s family are a top priority. Private insurance allows employees to see the providers of their choice, and in some cases, to receive treatment more quickly than with public health insurance. Supplementary employee benefits such as dental insurance, vision insurance and drug coverage are especially important as these are not always covered by other types of family insurance policies.

Why does this matter to an organization?

As more and more organizations try to cut corners and reduce expenses, employees are becoming increasingly unhappy. Offering a solid employee benefits package with family insurance is essential to keeping employees happy, yes, but it’s more than that. Unhappy (and unhealthy) workers come and go in jobs. That means additional expenses for the employer because there are significant costs associated with recruiting and training replacements. Without benefits, you have no chance at attracting highly qualified employees because they’ll just go to agencies and firms that offer family insurance and the other employee benefits they want.