Why Clients Should Choose You As Their Real Estate Agent: 5 Reasons

Homeowners, considering selling their homes, as well as qualified, potential home buyers, have the choice, of choosing one, of several (in many geographic regions, may) real estate agents. Why should anyone select you, to represent them, rather than someone else? While there is no, one, simple answer, to this question, there are many qualities, and/ or characteristics, potential clients might consider! With this in mind, therefore, this article will attempt to briefly discuss, and examine, 5 specific, possible reason, and why, if you wish to acquire more clients, you should consider these, and proceed, accordingly.

1. Empathy: When you have discussions, about marketing someone’s home, do you make it, about you, or them? Only when an agent proceeds, by listening far more than speaking, and making an earnest effort, to learn more about the other’s perceptions, priorities, and goals, does he exhibit the highest level of genuine empathy, which attracts people, to them! Empathetic, real estate professionals, attract people, to them, in a positive way, because they exhibit their priority is, serving the best interests, of those they represent!

2. Integrity: One must follow and truly believe in my trademarked slogan, I will always tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear (TM). Others will clearly witness whether, or not, you are someone, who possesses, and maintains, a clear – cut commitment, to absolute integrity, rather than taking, some convenient, shortcut!

3. Imagination: One must commit to thinking outside – the – box, and discovering the possibilities, rather than, merely, proceeding, with the same – old, same – old ways! To effectively serve, and represent, the best interests of one’s clients, he must proceed, with the highest level of relevant, meaningful imagination! Only when you do so, do you deserve, the support and appreciation, of potential clients!

4. Tell you what you need to know: Unfortunately, especially in highly competitive real estate markets, some agents, will favor the way, to convince others, to hire them, by avoiding discussing, either potential challenges, or realistic pricing, over telling them, what they need to know, rather than, merely what they might want to hear! While this may, at times, effectively serve an agent’s short – term, best interests, it rarely serves the homeowner’s needs!

5. Allegiance; personal loyalty: Real estate agents owe their clients, the highest level of allegiance and personal loyalty, morally, legally and ethically! Whatever one hears or learns, should be considered, privileged information, and never repeated, without the express permission, of one’s client! In the long – term, bigger – picture, this will demonstrate, you are unique, and extremely valuable!

Many techniques may be used, especially in the short – term, to gain one, specific listing, but, in the longer – run, the success of any agent, is based on whether he demonstrates, he possesses, unique, value assets and traits! Will you take the easy path, or the one which far fewer do?