Why Brits Are Choosing Snowdonia Over Trips Abroad

The great British Holiday is certainly experiencing a comeback, only not as we know it. In years past, the idea of going on holiday here in Blighty was very much an affair of buckets and spades as we enjoyed the cheap and cheerful seaside holidays of yesteryear. Inland holidays certainly seem to be the new black, and Brits are choosing high quality Snowdonia Hotels more than ever before. We investigate this phenomenon and attempt to work out just why exactly the status quo seems to have shifted from holidays spent beside the seaside.

Is The Upsurge in British Tourism really related to Brexit?

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It’s a charming idea that in times of great change that the Great British Public are rallying to support local (at least nationally…) hotels, but it really doesn’t seem to be related to that at all. Brexit is something which is going to cause great change to the country, and regardless of how you feel about it, all seem to be under an understanding that British tourism is going to change.

Figures obtained from Visit Wales indicate that the upsurge in British Tourism (at the very least in North Wales) actually predates Brexit, indicating that the North Wales region in itself is a good place to visit and tends to retain tourists year after year, as opposed to the notion that Brexit has meant that the country itself is banding together and deliberately keeping spending within our borders.

North Wales Development

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Probing deeper into the figures of tourism shows that the Welsh Government’s regeneration of North Wales seems to have had a positive impact on tourism. Over the past 10 years, more and more people are coming to North Wales in order to experience their holidays, and the addition of attractions such as Zip World and Surf Snowdonia have shown to be very successful. There are other attractions within the Snowdonia region which of course pull in visitors (such as Snowdon, of course!) but the addition of man-made attractions offering unique experiences that simply can’t be done anywhere else in the world indicate that they indeed have pulled a lot of people to the region that would normally not consider North Wales a good place for a thrill-seeking adventure.