Why are Virtual Meetings Beneficial?

To begin with, a virtual meeting is like a conventional meeting only but it is conducted online over a web platform utilizing technology that lets all the participants connect via audio and video. The discussion takes place in the same manner except that the people connect remotely from different locations. Virtual meetings have always been taking place since MNCs started mushrooming across the globe but there has been a multifold increase during the pandemic. Almost all kinds of organizations like small offices, banks, insurance companies, software firms, manufacturers, factory owners, sports teams, movie makers, hotel chains and even schools have resorted to virtual meetings for their smooth functioning.

Virtual meetings come with the major benefit of connecting people working at different places across the globe on a single platform. This saves a lot of time spent commuting or delays in work due to it. Virtual meetings have been an integral part of the corporate work culture for a very long time. Nowadays, due to the safety measures or government restrictions, they have come as a savior for one and all to keep us connected whether personally or professionally. Virtual meeting is a real-time interaction between remotely located workers to discuss the strategy and accomplish a shared goal or plan.

What are the advantages of virtual meetings?

Virtual meetings are all about communication across locations and departments or other potential interactions. These meetings are quite scalable and can be conducted with optimal utilization of resources. These type meetings provide innumerous opportunities to small and big businesses. The larger organizations have been holding their annual general meetings as Virtual AGMs for quite a long time.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of virtual meetings.

Optimal Resource Utilization

By opting for virtual meetings, you can save big on travel and operational expenses like office supplies & utilities. These remote meetings can significantly cut down on any organization’s overhead expenditure. Going further ahead, this method allows transparent communication both internally and externally and maintains the workflow without any hassles of commuting. A virtual meeting gives you the chance to meet anyone, anywhere and provide the details of the no. of attendees, topic of discussion, presentations and documents are shared online via mail or chatbox, all this at just a click.

A Big Time Saver

The virtual meetings help us save a lot of time spent commuting hassles, for instance getting stuck in traffic jams, standing in long queues at fuel stations, and finding space for parking. And we all have been taught since childhood that Time is Money and Every Penny Counts, so this is a crucial point to be considered while going ahead with virtual meetings. The time saved can be productively utilized for other purposes.

Enhances Productivity at Work

It has been observed that a virtual meeting in your comfort zone can stimulate better output and increase your efficiency which in turn enhances their productivity resulting in yielding more profit for businesses. These online meetings are much more effective than in person meetings because everybody joins in at the same time while during in person meetings everyone takes time to settle down even after gathering together. The virtual meetings are meant to be crisp, short and to the point. The agenda of the meeting is decided earlier only, so people get their jobs done more quickly and efficiently in less time.

Access to a Vast Talent Pool

The virtual meetings are leaving quite an impact on the global networking scene. They are a great means of quickly finding, connecting and developing networks with people across geographical boundaries. These meetings have given the businesses chances of global expansion. People can hire and work with people who have special skill sets as per requirement of the company from anywhere on the map as the world of computers has shrunk the world. The geographical barriers don’t stop the companies from exploring the global talent pool and hiring the best for the growth of their business.

Lead to better Communications

Virtual meetings have led to better and explicit interactions. These also lead to a healthy work environment in a virtual setting. Here, one can directly discuss the work with him/her without having to travel all the way to their office. The employees connect better with each other during this kind of communication via chatbox options. The better the communication amongst employees the better it is for growth of the business. Virtual meetings have demolished the obstacle of geographical distances and given you an opportunity to expand your client base globally.


While surveys suggest that 68% of the people still prefer in-person meetings but looking at the benefits and global scenario, there has been a major shift towards conducting virtual meetings. Now, that we have gone through the advantages of a virtual meeting, we should take care of some etiquette like you should be courteous, be confident and clear in your speech, dress appropriately, always maintain eye contact, your gesture should be fluid and natural, keep your talk crisp, don’t shout during a meeting, don’t interrupt while the other person is speaking, don’t make distracting movements etc. One should always choose a quiet place for attending the meeting without minimum distractions. The virtual meetings have become a quintessential part of the business operations. The choice of web platform for hosting the meeting is also of high importance. There are many options available in the market like Google meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, DREAMCAST, Cisco WebEx, BlueJeans, ClickMeeting etc. Dreamcast offers you a 100% customizable and flexible platform which can be modified as per your choice to create a virtual workspace and make your Virtual Meeting experience all the more effective and memorable. Some of the important aspects of Virtual Meeting include a proper self-introduction, the attendees should stick to the agenda, the presenter should engage the attendees and not lose focus. For a successful virtual meet you need to be very precise and clear while sending out the invites which should include date and time clearly mentioned in different time zones, if the participants are from different countries. The agenda and key points of the meeting should be added in description and also mention the duration if possible.

So, hop on the train of virtual events and enjoy the ride.

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