Why Accident Compensation Is Necessary?

Accidents occur due to the misconduct or negligence towards the work which is to be performed. Accidents arise when concentration for an execution is abandoned. People face several injuries because of their distraction in the desired task. They are compensated according to the intensity of the accident.

Accidents that occur on roads should be compensated according to the fault. The people indulged in such scenario should be held till proper investigation. The victim claims with the help of his lawyer for the insurance, as he should mark witnesses to get compensation directly, because without witness, proceedings can not be held. It is necessary to compensate the victims in an accident because they already lose their comforts by a misfortune. Accident is a sudden mishap for them and hence they should be compensated. Man is a combination of physical and mental health; he gets injured physically which disturbs all their schedule of work, so to heal him mentally, one should be compensated in money for a better treatment. As the basic rule of humanity says that a healthy life is much worthy than money. There can be different aspects for an accident such as working in an industry, due to carelessness of the trainers for the machines people can be caught by an injury, in other ways because of a change in the environment of work, one can be distracted and lack of attention can raise injuries.


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