Why a Janitorial Business Needs Tailored Commercial Insurance

If you are in the janitorial services business, you know that cleaning up a related insurance claim cannot be done with a simple sweep of the mop. You need precise coverage to really get the protection against liability risks that include losses, damages and possible occurrence of lawsuits.

What general risks does a janitorial service face? Read the following insurance claims to see.

Janitor Business Commercial Claim Cases

Bodily Injury Policy

John’s janitor business serviced a chain of food stores. As his worker washed the floors just before opening time at one supermarket, a delivery guy slid on the wet surface. The man incurred a fractured leg with $32,000 in related medical bills. As a result of the injury, the delivery guy also suffered a year and a half of lost work wages. The injured party filed a negligence lawsuit against John because the janitor failed to place wet floor warning signs along his path. John’s commercial insurance protected him from the lawsuit and contributed $250,000 in regard to the $500,000 settlement.

Property Damage Policy

Tim lugged a heavy carpet steamer out of his car into the big apartment building. While transporting the machine along the building corridor, Tim had accidentally allowed motor oil to spill out of the machine onto the marbled tiling and floor rugs. Thankfully, Tim’s commercial insurance paid for the damages that included compensation for cleanup and restoring work.

Rental Reimbursement Policy

Bob used wax equipment to shine the flooring at a homeowner’s one-story property. Unfortunately, Bob’s employee forgot to put the machinery in the back of his truck. As he backed out of the driveway, the worker also backed right into the waxing equipment, rendering it totaled. Bob’s rental reimbursement covered the $1,500 to rent another machine while his own equipment could be fixed.

Worker Theft of Customer Property Policy

Celina hired an extra temporary hand to clean a home. While doing her job, the cleaning lady couldn’t resist the lure of an expensive necklace as well as a diamond-encrusted ring. The worker left the scene of her crime after pocketing the jewelry, never to be seen again. Celina’s business insurance plan covered the $8,000 needed to pay for the losses.