Who’s Watching Your Home?

Many people today own more than one home. Resort areas are popular for having a large number of 2nd homes and homes or condominiums that are used as Vacation Rental properties. It goes without saying that, as a 2nd home or rental property, there will be some time – days, weeks, or even months – when the home or condo will be vacant. When you’re gone, any number of things can happen, and so the question “Who’s Watching Your Home?” is a very important one.

A home or condo that is obviously vacant can be very attractive to any number of unwanted visitors. Someone looking to make off with electronics (televisions, stereo equipment, computers, etc.) will often look for homes that sit vacant for a period of time. It makes their “job” much easier when no one’s home. They will look for obvious signs, such as an accumulation of newspapers in the driveway or yard; or finding several old advertising flyers or literature left in the door. These are almost like a big sign saying “NO ONE IS HOME!”, and that message is not lost on people in that element.

Aside from thieves, there are other unwanted visitors to contend with. Homes that have no human activity can quickly become homes for animals – racoons, squirrels, birds, rats and mice are common problems. These animals can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time, and cleaning up their mess can be costly.

Along with unwanted visitors, common problems include: frozen pipes, broken windows, vehicles with dead batteries just to name a few.

And so, we ask: Who’s Watching Your Home?

There are businesses that cater to this market. They are designed to provide an ongoing “check-up” for owners that are frequently absent. A big part of what they do is to make regular visits to the property and assess the condition. Many also offer services to keep the home from becoming attractive to thieves, by cleaning up old newspapers and flyers. Some of these businesses are listed as “property managers”, some as “caretakers”, some as “home checks”, but regardless of the name, they focus on a basic service: to be your eyes when you are away.

When looking for one of these businesses, there are some basic service offerings to look for. See if they offer indoor and exterior inspections, if they maintain the property, if they provide guest prep and departure cleaning services.

So, when you need to be away, having the services of a check-up service keeps a measure of worry off you.

Jeff is the owner of Signature Home Services, a home check service business located in a resort area of the Pacific Northwest.



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