Who Needs Flood Insurance? – More People Than You Think

If somebody were to ask you the question, who needs flood insurance? The obvious response to that question would be someone who lives in a flood zone. Someone who lives close to the shore in an area known to be at risk for flooding. And while that’s true anyone living in an area like that should have flood insurance, it may also be a good idea for people living in lower risk areas to get some flood coverage.

25% of all flood loss claims are filed in areas of low to moderate flood risk. Floods can happen even in areas that you wouldn’t think would be at high risk. It doesn’t always take a raging river overflowing its banks to cause flood damage. In a strong rainstorm the sewer system and storm drains can get backed up, become blocked, and then overflow. This can cause flood damage in areas where you would least expect it.

When floods do happen in a low-risk area too many people learn the hard way that flood damage is not covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. To be protected from flood damage you need to carry additional insurance. Fortunately for the people who live in low to moderate risk areas flood insurance can be obtained at very affordable rates. The rates vary according to how much coverage you need and the level of risk.