Where’s the Insurance Company to File a Beef?

When trying to find health care insurance, there comes a time that you want a package suited to YOU and not to three quarters of the neighborhood. You have wants and needs and perhaps some pre-existing conditions. You want something that will cover you for all those things, not just the “general” highlights. If that is what you want, then deal with a local insurance agent.

Insurance agents are NOT there to sell you something and then cut you loose. They’re there to help you by answering questions, recommending various packages that may work for you, and dealing with all your concerns. They know what their carriers offer and consequently can shop packages to find a decent price for benefits that are tailor-made for you.

While you may worry you are not getting a good deal or that the agent might be handing you a load of untruths, remember this: they would not be in business long if they stiffed you. This concern is good enough reason to check on the history of the agent – see if they have been around since time immemorial. If they’ve been in business a long time you know they will stand behind you.

If you happen to have a beef with the insurance company on a claim and if you know your local insurance agent because you’ve dealt with him/her for years, it will definitely come in handy. Who better to go to bat for you and give you personal service to boot?