What Kind of Tea Consumer Are You?

Not everyone who drinks tea is the same
Are you one of those who drink tea compulsively and know everything about it? Are you one of those who care about properties? Are you just starting in this world? Find out then in this note what kind of tea consumer you are.

Tea is like everything in life: it has a number of nuances that can be appreciated within the infusion itself. What varieties, what qualities, origins, properties and how many more things. As with wine, gourmet food or any other manifestation that generates differences, tea also has its own specimens.

Come on, not every person who drinks and is fond of tea behaves in the same way. There are those who know absolutely everything about this glorious infusion, as there are those who, before drinking a cup, would prefer to inject cyanide. For that reason, not all are equal and here a consumer differentiation has been woven, in order to distinguish them just by listening to what they say about tea. And you… to what category do you belong?

What is your profile as a tea consumer?

You know absolutely everything about tea. You are one of those who go through all the possible shops in search of that native variety of Yunnan that you can only find in a hidden place that nobody knows (and nobody comments) or that you only prepare it with mineral water of the highest possible quality. You have bought a thermometer to measure the exact temperature in which you want to drink that special blend that has come straight from India and rigorously counts the minutes of infusion to which you submit your drink. You have never put sugar in a cup and you can distinguish the presence of any foreign object in your infusion. And you are even considering to learn to read Chinese to be aware of everything that is written about tea, to access information first hand.

A potential tea snob
You know that tea is in fashion, but you still have not been fully involved in this world. You attend any tasting of new varieties in the tea shop in your area, but you still can not find the difference between that Ceylon infusion you tried a few days ago and the tea in a bag that you buy at the supermarket. You have read that white tea is the freshest and most delicate and that red tea undergoes fermentation processes. You have all the intention, but you still have a long way to go to become a geek.

He who knows all the properties
For you, the tea itself, the drink, remains in a secondary aspect. You do not care so much about aroma, taste, astringency or provenance. Tea for you is everything in terms of health. You can not distinguish between an earl gray or a lapsang souchong, but you know by heart the 25 properties of green tea. For you, health is first that steaming infusion that everyone puts in front of their noses.