What Is Industrial Accident Compensation?

Industrious has almost become a synonym for hard work these days. It is because we all are well-versed with the fact that industrial work does require some daring strength. Thus whenever we praise a student or an employee, we unconsciously refer to him as an industrious scholar or an industrious staff member, respectively. What we often ignore are the people who manage the show behind the curtains. They undoubtedly are the workers who work in hot, sultry and dingy places without any proper ventilation facility, in improper lightning and face the hazards of all the waste generated during the manufacturing process.

They provide us with all the products we enjoy but we often neglect them to the extreme of even hearing their problems even for once. Their job sometimes leads them to their untimely death or in other cases, permanent handicap. Those who are employed in chemical industries suffer from diseases from extreme exposure to these chemicals. Accidents at workplaces are so common that we generally do not even come to know of them. However, they are a problem in their own way and to tackle it now thankfully there are some measures. One of the prominent ones is the industrial accident compensation.

This is awarded to the workers who have suffered in some or the other way at their work.
Industrial accidents do not only refer to some mishap that might have unexpectedly occurred, but also to the diseases that a worker might have contracted because of his work and thus an adequate compensation is their due.


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