What Did the Met Gala Look Like the Last Time Around?

The last time the world had a Met Gala was in 2019, and the theme was “Camp: Notes on Fashion.”

Aside from a place children go in the summer, camp — according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary — is “a style or mode of personal or creative expression that is absurdly exaggerated and often fuses elements of high and popular culture.”

To no one’s surprise, the Met Gala-going crowd took that concept in many directions.

Lady Gaga, a known ​​camp connoisseur and a host of 2019’s Met Gala, donned not one but four different outfits. She arrived in a fuchsia gown with an exaggerated train; removed it to reveal an asymmetrical black dress; removed that to reveal a hot pink form-fitting dress; and finally, stripped down to a sparkly black bra and panties. All the outfits were designed by Brandon Maxwell, a former fashion director of Ms. Gaga’s. Predictably, the look was also memed.

Cardi B also hopped on the long train cause with a custom Thom Browne feathery red gown that encircled her (and would have certainly forced social distance, though we weren’t using that term much back then).

Jared Leto walked in carrying a lifelike model of his own head, a reference to Gucci’s 2018 fall fashion show in Milan, where runway models also held copies of their own heads. Billy Porter channeled the Egyptian sun god, Ra, with 10-foot long wings, a gold headpiece and a catsuit. Katy Perry dressed like a chandelier with a headpiece that weighed 40 pounds.

When asked she would sit, she responded, “you don’t sit down at the Met.”