What Are the Top 5 Trendy Hair Accessories?

You know clothing comes in and out of style, but what about hair accessories? Trendy hair accessories come and go too – but today we’re seeing quite a comeback of some of our tried and true favorites as a child.

Are you ready to learn the top 5 hair accessories everyone wears today? Check out the list below.

Hair Barrettes and Clips

Barrettes are making a comeback and we love it. They are a throwback to our childhood and teen years – when we would pin our bangs back as we grew them out. Today, they are a beautiful addition to any outfit.

Add barrettes to the bottom of an updo to keep those small hairs up or wear them at the front of your head for a more accessorizing look. Barrettes and clips come in a variety of colors and styles, so it’s easy to create the look you desire.

You can wear one barrette or two. You can even stack them with smaller barrettes, which is great for those girls with shorter hairs that just don’t want to stay put. 

Medium Jaw Clips

We all remember jaw clips fondly. Whether you wore them haphazardly through your hair (the more the better) or you had a strategic plan, they were all the rage when we were in our childhood, and today they are back.

While you may not want to wear them all over your head as you did as a kid, they are a great nod back to your childhood and are a way to bring feelings of being carefree and happy along with it.

Wear one jaw clip at a time and you’ll transform your hairstyle quickly with one little hair accessory. 

Large Snap Clips

Go big or go home, right? The larger the clips the better. Wear them to keep your hair out of your eyes, as you’re growing your bangs out, or just as a fun accessory to your outfit. You can buy them in neutral colors or fun patterns – have a little fun with your accessories and let them transform your outfits.

We love large snap clips because they’re so easy to use and they add an element of fun to any outfit. If you’re tired of ‘boring’ hairstyles, add some snap clips and watch your hair come back to life.

Dainty Claws

If you’re looking for something dainty or feminine to add to your hair, try any of the dainty claws. They come in fun shapes, like triangles and neutral colors so they go with any outfit. They gently hold up your hair, whether all of your hair or just some of it and give your hair an entirely new look.

The secure grip of the clip would make it feel anything but dainty, but when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, you’ll see just how sweet the hair accessories are in your hair.

Dressed up Pony Tail Holders

Don’t get caught with a ‘boring’ ponytail. Instead, add a dressed-up ponytail holder to it and you’ll transform your entire look. Available in shapes like bows and rectangles, the fun ponytail holders make your ponytail look dressed up or just a little novelty.

Add it to your existing ponytail holder for an extra secure hold and you’ll have a gorgeous look with your basic ponytail – it doesn’t get any easier than that.