Various Types of Leather For Biker Jackets

Shopping for motorcycle leather jackets require many factors to be kept in mind, like, style, color, design, cut and fabric. Buyers should be very clear about all these subjects, as then only he or she will be successful in purchasing the best piece. Though, nowadays, motorcycle leather jackets are greatly looked upon as fashionable piece of clothing due to their availability in many trendy styles, but still their main purpose cannot be neglected. Whatever said and done, biker leather jackets are mainly made for safety and protection purposes only.

All are very well aware of the fact why leather is preferred over other fabrics for the making of biker jackets? Durability, resistance to tear, and protective quality are the reasons. Leather is of various types and all differs from each other. Even, not all leather fabrics are perfect for the making of biker jackets. This article is about the same. Here are mentioned names of different types of leather fabrics perfect for the making of leather biker jackets. Read below for more information.

1) Goatskin Leather

Goatskin leather is one of the best fabrics for the making of biker jackets. Their dressy as well as practical nature makes them favorite of all. This leather fabric is highly durable and strong. Motorcycle jackets made out of it lasts for long time, as well provides great protection. Also, their soft and smooth feel gives jackets classy look.

2) Lambskin Leather

Lambskin leather is also a great fabric to look for while selecting biker jackets. It is the softest leather and has less tear resistance as compared to other leather fabrics like, goatskin, cowhide, buffalo hide etc. Though generally fashion leather jackets are made out of it, at the same time, it is used in the making of motorcycle jackets also. Hence, you can also opt for lambskin leather biker jackets also.

3) Cowhide Leather

Cowhide leather is the highly recommended leather fabric for motorcycle jackets. It is very tough leather and imparts great protection against abrasion and injury while riding. It is strong and durable. Also, it is supple, thus provide much comfort on wearing.

4) Buffalo Hide Leather

Buffalo leather is much similar to cowhide leather. Biker jackets made out of it are also highly preferred. Thickness, durability and resistance to tear are its best qualities that make it perfect for the making of jackets.