Van Insurance – How Important Is It For Your Business?

Knowing you have the right commercial insurance cover you can safely sleep in bed at night. You will know your business won’t go under because someone stole you van with all your tools in the back. It’s great as a business owner, knowing if one of your drivers crashes the van a replacement van will be delivered to you, keeping your business ticking over. When you breakdown your just one phone call away and your van is recovered anywhere in the UK and your back in business ASAP with a replacement van.

Some standard comprehensive van insurance policy provides no cover for any loss of van contents. You can upgrade your policy, so your tools do get replaced if they are stolen. Ask when you get a quote or ask your existing insurance company. Just a little Tip: — Do not cut corners on naming drivers to your policy to try saving money on insurance. As an accident about an uncovered driver is going to cost you a hundred times more than you saved on your insurance policy, I can assure you.

The worst mistake you could make is when you leave your keys in your van and some kind person steels it. Even if it is only to pop out and pay for your fuel or drop off a parcel, your insurance will not pay out. So remember to take the keys with you always, and make sure your staff know about this insurance issue. Van insurance is more than just an insurance policy it’s about the workforce of employees that work to get your business done.

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