Use the Right Steps to Make an Insurance Claim

If you are unfortunate to suffer an accident or loss and the fault isn’t yours, you are entitled to make a claim with the insurance company. Claiming for a loss is a straightforward process providing that you are able to provide an accurate report of the damage and any relevant receipts or invoices to support a claim for compensation. Here are several steps involved in the process of filing a claim:

Deal with immediate issues

If making a claim for a property or similar that has suffered damage, it is crucial to take the required action to protect it from further damage. For instance, if a home has experienced a burst pipe or serious flooding, make sure to get in contact with an emergency plumber as the first course of action. In most situations, an insurance company will reimburse this expense at a later date provided it is possible to supply a copy of the receipt for the work completed.

Make contact with the insurer

Get in contact with the insurance companies claim help line and submit details of the potential claim and ask for guidance on what to do next. Make sure to provide a clear and detailed report on the loss and point out what work is necessary to avoid any future problems. Prior to asking a builder, electrician, plumber, etc to start working on the repairs, it is necessary to first get the green light from the insurers.

Photographs or video footage

A crucial step to help illustrate the damage to the personal property comes from taking multiple photos or video footage. This is certain to help with providing the supporting evidence when it comes to filing a claim for the large or complex loss.