Understanding Pet Prescription Drug Cards

The pet discount drug card is a card that allows you to access drugs for your pet at lower prices. According to various research studies, the card saves you an average of 55% on generics and 15% on brand-name drugs at over 80% of pharmacies around the world.

The good side is that the card is usually free of charge. To get it all you need to do is to visit your favorite issuing company and register yourself. Once you are registered you will be given the card and you can use it at any of your favorite pharmacies.

Once you have gotten the card you don’t have to worry about expiry. This is because it does not expire.

The other advantage is that there are no deductibles. When you use the card, the only price deducted is the price of drugs; no transaction fees are charged. Other benefits of the card include: no claim forms, no limitation on usage, and no pre-existing condition limitations.

You can use the card in two ways: as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with a pet insurance program.

When you use the card as a stand-alone, you will only get discounts when buying the medications; however, if you decide to use the card in conjunction with the insurance program, the insurance company will take care of your vet bills while the card will help you in offsetting the cost of drugs.

Who should have this card?

This card is ideal for anyone who has pets that are in need of medication. The pets can be dogs, birds, snakes, horses, cats, and any other animals that you might be having.

To get the drugs at discounted prices you only need to use a pharmacy locator in order to find the closest participating pharmacies in your area. Once you have found a participating pharmacy, you will need to present the card to the pharmacy and you will get pet medications at low prices.