Types Of Delicious dishes prepared During Festivals

Why do we only make certain foods during festivals? Why is milk such an important element in celebration preparations like Janmashtami? Why is modak such a must-have treat during Ganesh Chaturthi? and so on. It all boils down to one thing: we all like eating all kinds of delicacies, regardless of the occasion or event. In India, several festivities are accompanied by a plethora of mouth-watering and jaw-dropping sweets and food. Seasons play an essential role in the ceremonies of various festivals, and special meals are cooked and presented to the relevant God(s). Just like with online rakhi delivery in India, we also deliver sweets to our brothers to celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

It’s that time of year when the festive ardor engulfs the soul with the prospect of happiness and success, as the vitality of the festival can be felt everywhere. The preparations for the biggest festival have begun. With online gift delivery, it is tough to imagine this festival of happiness and harmony without mentioning some extravagant delicacies that are part of our culinary culture. From beautifully lit streets to the little fairy lights gaining our hearts to the enclosing aroma of desi ghee laddoos and mithai, the preparations for the biggest festival have begun, and it is difficult to believe in this festival of joy and unity without mentioning some.

If you haven’t yet pulled up your hands and begun prepping for the celebrations of colors and aromas, here are some simple yet delectable traditional pleasures you may make for the occasion.

India’s Top 10 Festival Foods

  1. Samosa

A crunchy, spicy samosa is something that no one can refuse. It might be the ideal snack for this special occasion. If you’re holding a little gathering at your home, you should provide ‘chai-samosa’ to your visitors. Don’t waste any more time; follow the simple instructions to prepare this delicious meal.

  1. Gulab Jamun

It’s time to introduce the first dessert on our list, gulab jamun. It’s impossible to imagine a festivity without these delectable khoya balls coated in thick sugar syrup. This delicious dish’s rich texture and delectable flavor are sure to wow. Send some gulab jamuns to your brother with online rakhi delivery in India to make them happy.

  1. Paneer Tikka 

Everyone like paneer tikka since it is a versatile appetizer that can be served at any time. The spicy flavors on top of the soft paneer cubes will tantalize your senses. So, try this wonderful snack dish with your loved ones during festivals.

  1. Rice Kheer

How can we skip putting this iconic meal on our list? Yes, rice kheer is something that no Indian event would be complete without. It may be made for other events as well, such as a kitten party, game night, or potluck. So, what do you have to lose? Make this delectable dessert at home with ease and enjoy.

  1. Moong Dal Ka Halwa

Would you like to make something simple but tasty? If so, you should try this dessert. Moong dal ka halwa is a nutritious and delicious dessert you can create for any special occasion. It’s also suitable for offering to guests throughout the holiday season.

  1. Gajar Ka Halwa

In India, gajar ka halwa is a famous delicacy. Are you one of those people who desire this dessert from the start of fall to the conclusion of winter? If that’s the case, why wait? During the holiday season, share this delectable treat with your friends and family.

  1. Soan Papdi

Soan papdi is a flaky Indian delicacy in the shape of a cube. It’s usually cooked using desi ghee, which is highly beneficial. So go ahead and gather the ingredients: gram flour, sugar, desi ghee, and milk, and whip up this delectable delicacy to share with your guests. You can even give it as a present to family members. This is a very common gift item that people send to their relatives using online gifts and flowers delivery portals.

  1. Rasgulla

Rasgulla is a traditional Bengali dessert dish that everyone enjoys. It is something without which significant occasions cannot be held from north to south and east to west. Yes, it is correct. Rasgullas are soft chenna balls steeped in thick sugar syrup that is loved by everyone in India, not only Bengalis, to celebrate any joyous event.

  1. Aloo Bonda

This South Indian street food is sure to entice your taste buds. This dish is a must-try for everyone because of the wonderful potato filling inside the golden crispy covering of gram flour. Don’t forget to put this dish on the menu for any occasion, from a small gathering to a huge gathering.

  1. Murukku

The benefits of rice flour are used to make Murukku, a traditional South Indian snack. In India’s northern areas, it is known as ‘chakli.’ This dish is simple to prepare at home, requiring only a few simple ingredients and minimal work. This snack has a long shelf life, lasting around 3-4 months. So, during tea time, try it out with your loved ones.

Bottom Lines

When you think about festival cuisine, the first thing that springs to mind is sweets – and plenty of them. Mithai, as Indian sweetmeats are known, is a delectable tiny tidbit that’s a mix between a snack, dessert, and confectionery. Common sweets like laddoos, barfis, and halwas are made with gently spicy and aromatic kewra water and popular components like condensed milk, lentils, semolina, chickpea flour, and vegetables like carrots and pumpkins. 

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