Types of Canadian Work Permits and Which One Is Suitable for You:
Canada is a dream destination for students and people seeking employment and livelihood. The Canadian immigration support, lifestyle and facilities have made it an ideal destination for people across the globe. Several questions accompany this dream, one of them being which working permit to get?. We are here to answer all the questions you might have about work permits.

Types of Work Permits
Work permits allow individuals to study and work in the country for a specific time. People who wish to work in Canada must have authorisation in the form of a work permit. There are two types of Canadian work permits:

Open work permit
Employer-specific Work permit
Open Work Permit
Openwork permits ensure complete freedom for individuals in terms of employment. These permits are not bound by specific employers. Individuals are free to work for anyone, anywhere they want to. They can change locations and work for different employers under the open work permit.

You are eligible to apply for an Open work permit if you are a spouse of a temporary foreign worker or an international student. International students who have graduated in an appointed field of study from any Canadian institution and refugees are also eligible. If you are a young worker partaking in IEC Canada‘s programs, you are qualified to apply for an open work permit.

Application Requirements
Depending upon your situation and which category of applicants you fall under, eligibility and application requirements differ.

Employer-Specific Work Permit
Employer-specific work permits do not offer complete freedom in terms of employment. Under this permit, individuals can only work for a distinct employer in a specific location.

People with a clean criminal record and financial stability are eligible to apply. You must not be working for employers deemed ineligible by the authorities. You can put in your application if you are an academic, entrepreneur, agricultural worker or someone from the film industry.

Application Requirements
For your application, you should have a copy of a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) provided by your employer. You must also have a letter confirming your job.

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