Transforming A Potential To Actual Home Buyer: 6 Keys

There are numerous reasons, for homeowners, to take advantage of the services of a real estate professional. One of the significant ones, is, having the experience, knowledge and expertise, to differentiate, between, shoppers, and actual, qualified, motivated, home buyers. While many might view a house, the reality is, there are usually, far more shoppers, and home – hunters, or are merely using it as an experience, and/ or activity, than individuals, qualified, ready, and willing, to proceed forward, to the next step. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, and discuss, 6 keys, to identifying the differences, and, then, successfully, transforming, potential, to actual, buyers.

1. Focus on buyer’s needs: Rather than immediately discussing features, or advantages/ assets, of a particular house, experienced agents, realize, it’s essential, to first, take the time, and make the effort, to identify, what the potential buyer needs, can afford, and is looking for. How does he intend to use the home, and what are his absolute necessities, as opposed to merely, wish list? When one focuses on these needs, and then helps someone, visualize, how a particular property, would adequately meet these, he becomes a transformative agent!

2. Fully explain how particular, specific house, is aligned, with their needs, and might benefit them: Doing this, means, listening first, and avoiding, speaking before doing so! Once an agent has a clearer idea, about what one wants, needs, desires, and how he envisions using his residence, and fully considers these necessities, he positions himself, better, to relate to the buyer, as a person, rather than a number!

3. Answering questions/ addressing concerns: Will you be willing to effectively listen, thoroughly, and taking the time, to answer any questions, to the satisfaction, of the potential buyer? When an agent recognizes, and addresses these concerns, he helps the other, to fully consider the possibilities, rather than the negatives!

4. Communicate/ articulate: Communicating effectively is far different from, merely talking, and/ or conversing. Because it makes sense to you, does not necessarily mean, the other party will have your level of understanding. Getting others excited, enthusiastic and interested, generally, requires clearly articulating your message, in a way, which meets and exceeds, their needs, and expectations!

5. Listen before speaking: In the quest to satisfy customers, agents often have the tendency, to speak, too soon! Effective, relevant, meaningful communication, requires effectively listening, before one speaks!

6. Close: It’s important to develop the skills, and ability, to understand subliminal messages and nuances, including body language, etc, in order to recognize, when you have reached the point, of transforming the potential buyer, to an actual one! Once you know when it’s time (without being impatient, etc), it’s essential, to close – the – deal, by articulating, in some way, how one wishes to proceed, and suggesting, timely action.

When an agent becomes ready, willing and able, to do all he can, to transform a potential to actual buyer, he enhances his possibilities, to bring forth, a meeting of the minds, and a transaction. Will you be prepared, to proceed accordingly?