Top Places To Visit During Your London Tour

London is one of most historic places to visit in your European expedition. Home to hundreds of palaces and castles of the royal family, with fascinating history, museums, art galleries and chapels, a visit to London is a must. Head on over to Buckingham palace, the castle of residense for the royal family and explore the posh and lavish state rooms. Discover the exquisite history of tower of London and windsor castle, which were used as prisons in the late 1800 to tortute the prisoner of wars.

To get a glimpse of the serene London cityscape, visit the London eye, which is one of the largest ferris wheels, with 32 observation capsules, that encapsulate the most intriguing views of the London city. The Madame Tussauds wax museum is another heritage attraction that you need to explore. The museum has wax models of famous artists which are almost real looking. Click pictures with your favorite marvel heroes and marvel at the exquisite model of the royal family of Britain.

London also houses the eccentric heritage site St. Paul’s Cathedral, which has a humongous dome, exquisite whispering galleries and stone gallery that overlooks the entire exquisite view of the London city. Explore the sea life aquarium and learn about different rare marine species.

London Eye – This is one of the most fascinating attractions in London. The London Eye is a splendid ferris wheel which goes upto a height of 165 meters and overlooks the entire panorama of London. Adjacent to the River Thames, the London Eye renders an unparalleled view of the entire scenic landscape. It has over 32 observation capsules, which provide a picturesque 360 degree view like no other place. You can also book for private capsules and enjoy an amazing time with your loved ones. As the ferris wheel whirls, you will enjoy views of the parliament building, London bridge and also catch a glimpse of the most awe-inspiring sunset.
Buckingham Palace – The place of residence for the royal British family, the palace is one of the oldest and most pristine architectural marvels that you can explore in London. The history of this place dates back to 18th century, when it was built by the then Duke of Buckingham. The palace has exquisite state rooms, lavish court rooms and halls, with full display of all charming chandeliers, paintings and furniture imported from various countries. Walk through the palace gardens, and discover the beautiful tennis court and more in your tour. The palace hosts the grand changing of the guards ceremony which you should not miss out on.
Tower of London – The tower of London is one of the most exquisite heritage attractions in London. You can enjoy exclusive Tower of London Tickets inclusive of palace tours and discounts. The tower of London, was built with an aim of protecting London from intruders. The tower of London has the most fascinating crown of jewels, which houses the most extraordinary jewelry collection ever. The palace was viewed as a dreadful castle for its prisoners, that was used to torture the prsioners of war. This is England’s most sturdy concrete structure and a splendid medievale structure that promises you an intriguing plunge into the past.
Windsor castle – The Windsor castle is another extraordinary residence for the royal family that you need to discover on your London excursion. You can avail for the Windsor Castle Tickets online and enjoy fandcating discounts and inclusions. The castle is one of the most posh and heavily occupied attractions. The lavish state rooms with exquisite chandeliers, state of the art furnitures and paintings will leave you awe-struck with their beauty. The Queen Mary’s doll house is another charming attraction to observe here. Walk through the grandiose ceremonial rooms and pay your respects at the Saint George’s Chapel where most of the royal weddings take place. Click here
Warner Bros Studios – Discover the making of one of the most hit and legendary movie franchises, Harry potter by visiting the warner bros studios. This studio is where the entire movie was shot, and houses the infamous 9 ¾ stations, hogwarts express and the spooky diagon alley. This is the most charming way to marvel over the making of the entire harry potter movie franchise. The original movie sets, costumes and prompts will definitely remind you of the entire harry potter movie and caste. Have a wonderful time exploring Dumbledore’s office and learn about the entire movie making process too.
Madame Tussauds – The renowned wax museum has its franchise all over the world, and has won millions of hearts with its beautiful display of amusing real looking wax models. The museum houses various wax structures of some of the most popular sports persons, politicians, the royal family of Britain, singers, actors and more. The wac muusume, The museum also houses very penetrative structures which allows one to touch, hug and also click pictures with them. Click pictures with the 1D singers and pose alongside the entire marvel superheroes. Visiting this museum is a splendid way to spend some amusing recreational time.
Sea Life Aquarium – Get greeted with splendid and extraordinary views of the most majestic marine life around you. The sea life aquarium has more than 10 different zones, where you will see extravagant coral reefs, baby sharks, hammerheads and more amusing marine life species. The zones here range from rainforest species to Antarctica frozen world, each of which houses a plethora of rare species like poison dart, blind cave fish and piranhas. Get a chance to meet the rare species of gentoo penguins which inhabit most of the Antarctic region. The aquarium also hosts interactive sessions with seals and penguins which you should not miss out on. .....................................................................
Saint Paul’s Cathedral – A very prominent structure in London’s cityscape, the Saint Paul Cathedral is one of the oldest religious and heritage attractions with an intriguing history that dates back to 1600. The cathedral has a fascinating dome, which houses the whispering gallery and above it lies the stone gallery encapsulating the most awe-inspiring views of the entire scenic London cityscape. The cathedral is a picturesque representation of the best of renaissance and Victorian architecture that will leave you in awe of their beauty.