Tips For Your Lacrosse Recruiting Video

If you are a student or the parent of a student who wants to play college lacrosse, you will likely be looking for funding. Lacrosse scholarships allow many students to attend college while playing their favorite sport. Lacrosse college recruiting scouts have many athletes from which to select the best for their college teams. Each school has several requirements for applying for a sports scholarship, but one of them will be consistent for all colleges and universities, and that is submitting a lacrosse recruiting video. There are several ways to get the lacrosse recruiting video portion of your application accomplished, and make it so it grabs the attention of lacrosse college recruiting staff.

The first consideration is to not wait until the last minute to get the video shot. The more footage a video editor has to work with, the better your final lacrosse recruiting video will be. Your high school coaching staff will be taping all of your games, so ask them if they can give you footage they have taped. Parents can borrow or buy a camera to tape you during games, as well as at lacrosse recruiting camp and lacrosse recruiting tournaments. Sometimes high schools have athletics booster clubs that own a camera, which you may be able to borrow for taping purposes. You can also check into local film schools or community colleges that offer film classes. They may allow for camera and film equipment rental.

You will want several types of shots in order to end up with a great looking lacrosse recruiting video. At both the beginning and end of the video, make sure there is a clear picture of your jersey number, team information and which position you play, along with your name and contact information. You will also want to include an entire game, along with a selection of game highlights. Lacrosse recruiting coaches will want to see both in order to evaluate you out on the field.

Footage can also be shot when you participate in lacrosse recruiting camp and lacrosse recruiting tournaments. However, it is preferable to send your lacrosse recruiting video to your prospective college’s scouts prior to play in a tournament. This gives lacrosse college recruiting staff an opportunity to watch your video, and then they will hopefully be on the lookout for you when you play.—-2022.aspx#post169609