Things to Look For in An Insurance Company You Want to Work For

There are things we need to look for in an insurance company we want to work for. Insurance sales is a very hard position and if you want to enter into a place where you can earn regular, consistent income which is enough to support your lifestyle, you cannot just work anywhere.

Look at some of the characteristics you should pay close attention to when seeking employment;

1. Train as possible and read every book you can find on risk management, human life value, how insurance works, qualified plans, retirement planning, estate planning, Social Security, investment planning, and how life insurance improves and enhances these items. The more you understand these concepts the better you will be at your job.

2. Read everything you can about marketing, sales, how to attract clients, communication skills, body language and making presentations. The more you can learn about how this business of sales works the better you will be at performing it. If you read just one book a month over a 5 year period on the same subject, at the end of that time you will know more about that subject than 90% of the general public.

3. Think of all the reasons you would or should not buy insurance and then develop responses that overcomes these objections before they come up. Hearing no, I want to think about it, can we do it later, etc is customary in insurance sales. In order to do well in Insurance you must be able to handle objections.

4. Join every organization you feel you can contribute to. By being an active member you will not only make friends and meet potential associates but you will increase your exposure as an expert in your field. Nothing carries a career farther than being regarded as an expert in your field.

5. Work in an office that exudes positive mental attitudes. The more you can experience a positive atmosphere the higher you will climb. Negative people produce negative thoughts that can kill your dreams. Instead let the positive perspective of others propel you to heights not thought of. You can soar as an agent once you really believe its possible.

This is a very rewarding field, but it is also very difficult. On average, 75% of those who start do not last more than a few years. That is because of little to no training, limited knowledge and communication skills. Don’t be a casualty.