Things to Avoid in Choosing An Insurance Company to Work For

How do you pick the right company to work for as an Insurance Agent? Although there is no sure fire way to pick the right company for you to work with, you need to look into how the company hires its Sales Agents, trains them and supports them.

Over 80% of the people who take a sales position with Insurance companies will be out of the business within the first year, mainly because of their inability to locate enough new customers to sustain a new career. When we see agents earning six figure incomes that represents less than 5% of the sales force. Insurance is a great field to be in but you have to be wise if you are choosing this as a career.

There are some things we need to avoid in choosing an Insurance company to work for.

1. A manager who wants you to contact all the members of your family to make sales. This puts you on the spot, creates an imposition for your family, and is no true test of you ability to find clients. You should be contacting your family last or when you feel comfortable.

2. A manager who puts you in a cubicle with a phone and gives you the phone book and tells you to start dialing. He needs to lead by example and teach you how to prospect. Just telling you to cold call is no way to start you on an insurance career.

3. Sits you in a conference room and asks you to watch training videos. This is the worse way to learn the business.

4. Wants you to go on appointments at night. There is no reason the prospect can’t come to your office during the day. Going out at night is a thing of the past except for small companies. There will be times where you will meet working families at home in the evenings but as we enter into the 21st century we find that many people will make the time to meet when they feel it is important.