The True CHARM Of A House

While there are numerous, tangible factors, and considerations, in determining the home, for you, including personal finances, overall economics, the bones and overall condition, of the house and property, size of the house and property, location, convenience, safety factors, etc, it’s important to consider and evaluate, the intangible items, such as something, often referred, to, as, CHARM. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of what these emotional components, mean and represent, and, why, wise real estate agents, pay close attention to, and empathize with their client’s and customer’s perceptions, etc.

1. Character; create: What do we mean, by, the character, of a house, and why, should anyone care? For some, it’s based on the style, flow, and/ or, first impressions. Others require compliance with the concepts of Feng Shui. Others desire certain details, which they consider charming, such as crown mouldings, etc. Obviously, a smart home buyer, will pay attention to many factors, and compare, which factors can be altered, somewhat easily, versus, those which should be, deal – breakers! One should look, at how, one might create the charm, after – the – fact, and how easily, and/ or, at what cost!

2. Heart; humanity; human: If you don’t have warm feelings, and enjoy living, at a particular place, your heart, won’t be in it, and the essential necessities and components, of your humanity, won’t be satisfied. After all, even if you are a homeowner, you are first, a human!

3. Attention; attitude: When you look at potential houses, to buy, one should consider, and pay keen attention, to both, what exists, and what might be! Open – your – mind, and proceed, with a positive, can – do, attitude, and see, if the house has the potential, to provide you with the charm, you seek!

4. Right; relevant; responsible: How will you know, if the house, you look at, and are considering, to make, a home, of your own, is right, for you? Take a relevant look at the possibilities, by proceeding, in a responsible way, to ensure, it’s also, economically, feasible!

5. Motivating; make mark: What about the particular property, motivates and inspires you? How does it, help, make your mark, for the better, and satisfy your needs, hopes, and inspirations/ aspirations?

Focus clearly on the true, CHARM, and the potential/ possibilities, of the home, you seek, to make your own! Take a look, at the bigger – picture!