The Too-Often Forgotten Touch For Real Estate Agents – Customer Service: 5 Keys

There are so many skills, experiences, and necessities of quality real estate representation and service, all, too – often, real estate agents overlook, or forget about, one of the essential components/ aspects/ assets! As with so many other industries, in today’s increasingly impersonal world, where there is often an over – dependence on the Internet, digital technology, etc, it is true customer service, that seems to often suffer! Therefore, this article will attempt to briefly discuss, and examine, 5 keys, to better serving the needs, concerns and priorities of customers and clients.

1. Do what you say, when you say, you will: Since there are many aspects and stresses, involved, with the real estate transaction, experience, one must realize, clients and customers undergo, a rather, significant degree of stress and discomfort! It is the duty and responsibility of the agent, to lessen these challenges, and ease his clients/ customers minds, by keeping his word, constantly and consistently, and do what he says he will. He must also commit to consistently proceed, in a timely manner, and take actions, when he says he will!

2. Respect customers/ clients needs, concerns, time and intellect: Nothing infuriates people, as much as making an appointment, and not keeping it! While this, at time, may be unavoidable, courtesy means, informing the individuals, as soon as possible, of the need to cancel the appointment. In addition, if you say, you’ll gather information, do it! You must respect your clients and customers, by clearly showing, you care about their needs, concerns and time. Avoid using lingo and rhetoric, and also, never appear, to be, speaking down to those, you represent. Respect their intellect, and treat them, as you would like to be represented!

3. Informing and Updating: Realize and recognize, real estate markets change and evolve, often, rather quickly, Regularly schedule, at least, weekly updates, etc, but, also inform your clients, as soon as possible, of your professional opinion, concerns and recommendations, such as the need for staging, price adjustments, etc.

4. Follow – up, and follow – through: Don’t merely start, but be sure, to follow – up, your conversations, potential negotiations, showings, etc! Will you commit to contacting either the potential buying agent, or customer (if you show the property), and receive insight and feedback?

5. Hold their hands, from start, to finish: Pay attention to every aspect of your service, before, during, and at every stage, of the transaction process! Commit to holding hands, and comforting your clients, being there, when they need your advice and/ or counsel!

It’s easy to get caught up, with all the day – to – day, details, involved in selling and marketing real estate. However, pay attention, and never forget, to focus on providing quality customer service!