The Price Of Success Is Everything

People look to be successful in life. The typical that we can and will be successful because we are willing to try hard. We work from sun up to sundown and we will be successful in all that we do.

Although many wish that would be true, the fact is that it is not. The price one must be willing to pay is everything. But it’s not always the everything people think it is.

I have had the pleasure of being both employee and employer. In this capacity you get to sit on one side of the interview desk trying to convince someone else that you are a good fit for their company. On the other hand as an employer you get to try to access whether someone will be a good fit for your company. Most times people focus on the resume and past performance to determine potential success. I know I have and sadly, it seldom works.

Let me begin with sharing with you four common fallacies that result from thinking success can come through only hard work;

1) Don’t believe that future success is measured by what you have done before. Although the past is an indication of what you have been able to do, it is not the best indication of what you will do in the future. We must gauge our future success by our present performance. What you do today with the opportunity you have before you will determine how far you go.