The PMDG Boeing 737 NGX – Things You May Not Know It Can Do!

The PMDG 737 NGX is a groundbreaking addon for flight simulator X. PMDG have been producing high quality software for flight simmers for some time now. The level of realism is unprecedented and give to a new level of immerse to one of my favourite past times. There are four thousand pages of information supplied with the aircraft. But here are a few things that are really cool for you to take a look at.

To answer the question of what can you do in this particular flight sim? It would be far easier to answer the question what can’t you do? There really isn’t much!

What impressed me most is the level of detail in the cockpit. Flight simulation has been edging towards this level of detail and realism since it first started back in the 90’s. I have had the opportunity to sit in a couple of commercial 737 full motion flight simulations over the years and as comparisons go PMDG in my opinion have got this one spot on.

There is so much about this aircraft that sets it apart from the others it would take a month to go through it all. So I would like to list some of the inclusions that I think make a huge impact for the PMDG 737 NGX.

The FMC/CDU menu button. Probably the best enhancement for pilot interaction with the sim. This button allows the user to configure operations such as fuel, failures, cargo and a whole bunch of other stuff right from the cockpit, without having to access the FSX menu. This is a real time saver and can alter the configuration of the aircraft almost instantly.

Another nifty feature on the Menu button, is the option to change Mode Control Panel types. The Boeing 737 has gone through many overhauls in it’s time, and the MCP is one of those things that ha changed on recent models. The Menu button also has a pushback feature and a ground connection feature, which allows ground power and air conditioning to be provided without the use of the APU.

The aircraft systems. Amazing! The aircraft can be set to a cold and dark state allowing the pilot to literally start from scratch. There is a realistic battery switch and battery check indicator located on the forward overhead panel, and the ability to set the IRS to either last known position or the GPS/Stand position.

There is also the ability to perform a fire test check. Something overlooked in many previous versions of the 737. The PMDG model allows for the APU and cargo fire check. There is also a fully working lights test check and all faults will be illuminated on the mater caution panel. There is also a TCAS test that can be used combined with the working TCAS system itself.

The GPWS test. There are to types that can be initiated! The short and long test! Yes PMDG have even included this. The short test can be achieved by pressing the GPWS test button momentarily. And the long test requires the button to be depressed for more than two seconds. The test results are audible and will replicate the test that the real 737-NG will perform.

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