The Most Important SERVICES Provided By Real Estate Agents

There have been many articles, and much discussion, of the importance and benefits, a homeowner, receives, when he hires a qualified, effective, real estate agent, to represent, market, and sell his house. While one does not have to use an agent, and might opt, for what is referred to as, For Sale By Owner, or FSBO, as someone, who has been a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, for over a decade, I feel strongly, the benefits, and process, is easier, less stressful, and creates better results, when one hires a professional. Therefore, this article will briefly examine, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the most important SERVICES, provided by a quality agent.

1. Strong system: Marketing, and selling a home, doesn’t happen/ occur, by chance, but is dependent upon, creating, developing, and consistently, using/ utilizing an effective, strong system, which will bring about, the best results! When homeowner, and agent, work together, as a team, the results, generally, benefit!

2. Empathy: If you hire the right person, for you, he will exhibit genuine empathy, listening to your specific needs, concerns and priorities, and focusing on the best, possible way, to serve your interests! Since there are stresses, and tensions, in this process, when one hires someone, who cares deeply, about serving you, all benefit!

3. Realistic: How would an untrained, homeowner, know, how to best, price, your home, to sell, for the best possible selling price, in the briefest period of time, with a minimum of undesirable hassle/ tension? Hiring the right person, makes you most capable, of looking at the entire, realistic picture!

4. Views; value: When one understands, and has the experience/ expertise, to emphasize areas of value, he will emphasize the positives, and get, far more quality, relevant, views, from qualified, potential buyers!

5. Integrity: Be certain to hire the right person, who maintains absolute integrity, and tells you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear(TM).

6. Character; creative; clever: Select someone who proceeds with the consistent, quality of character, and is both, creative, and clever, using the combination of his knowledge, experience, expertise, and judgment, in a wise, relevant manner!

7. Excellence: The best results when the commitment to consistent, relevant excellence, and, never, to merely, good – enough!

8. Selling: As a homeowner, you are seeking the finest results, and using the right agent, will bring you, from listing, and marketing, to selling, and closing!

Homeowners benefit when they hire the right professional, for their needs, and circumstances. Hopefully, this discussion, of SERVICES, helps to simply, clarify, some of the ways, it’s beneficial.