The Major Benefits of Training Videos!

Training is one word you would hear in every corporate for valid reasons like learning and grooming. Despite being trained thoroughly at the start of jobs, the need to train keeps on arising frequently due to improvements happening in all professional areas. And so it becomes kind of necessary to explore better ways of training to increase effectiveness and save time. Of the various techniques, training videos have gained importance lately owing to its several benefits.

This method is being preferred primarily as it increases convenience, saves time, reduces cost, introduces portability and ensures consistency. We experience more convenience as it allows training to happen even when the trainer is not present. Training videos are produced with an objective of providing comprehensive information in a concise yet explanatory manner. Bullet points and pictures makes the video interactive which increases the understanding of the end user. Training videos play the same or rather better role than what an illustration on the blackboard would do.

Faster pace of training is another pro with the use of videos. There will be various instances when a particular set of information needs to be downloaded to large audience within limited time. Content like change in a policies, safety regulations, upcoming applications can be filmed appropriately and distributed for self training. CD ROMs for computer-based presentations or VHS and DVD for television presentations are the two available methods for such distribution. This technique not only eradicates the need of having an instructor-led training but also facilitates quicker completion.

Reduction in cost is the next but easily visible advantage as you save on hiring a trainer, arranging a training room, releasing employees and other miscellaneous tasks. Though in video-based training too you would want employees off-production; however the time required in this case will be much lesser than what you would have spent in the training room. Apart from this we spend lesser time in resolving queries as only valid and genuine questions come to the trainer.

There is more inclination towards this method also for the portability factor. A laptop that can be carried anywhere assists a trainer to start the training anywhere, provided it is for small audience. For larger crowd, though the portability benefit is not that much but with a projector and whiteboard you’ll certainly have a great training cum learning session.

Consistency is what we forget most of the times as a major benefit of training videos. On being personally trained by different instructors, videos ensure that the same content is downloaded to all users. Though this content will be further explained and answered for various queries, at least uniformity is maintained when the same pictorials are seen by all trainees.

May be not true for everyone; however it has been observed that many learners enjoy watching videos. And when the enjoyment factor comes in between we definitely see more learning. Most of the trainers struggle at the time when their students do not seem interested in the training content. Interesting videos with creative ideas are an amazing way of obtaining interest from the side of audience that results in the success of training.—Pass-in-First-Attempt.aspx#post169818—-2022.aspx#post169819—-2022.aspx#post169826