The LEARY Of Speaking To Real Estate Clients

One of the challenges and obstacles, many real estate professionals, often face and confront, is how to effectively communicate with their clients, in a manner, which, addresses their needs, concerns and priorities, thus, providing, the best possible, professional service, in the client’s best interest. However, how is this possible, if the agent lacks, either the attitude, skills, abilities, willingness, or approach, to discover, the often – unique concerns, of each individual, and discuss things, in a way, which specifically, adequately addresses these? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what I refer to, as, the LEARY of speaking to real estate clients.

1. Listen; learn: Although we each have two ears, and only one mouth, one of the most difficult things, is to realize, we need to listen, far more often, than we speak! A quality agent, consistently learns from every conversation, and experience, in order to best, meet, the individual needs, concerns and priorities. as well as perceptions, of each client!

2. Empathize; enrich; expertise/ experience: Remember, quality representation must focus on your client, and not about you! How will you proceed, with the utmost, genuine empathy, which enriches those you serve and represent? When relevant experience, transforms to meaningful expertise, doesn’t that ensure, the finest possible service?

3. Answer; address: An agent must recognize, those, he might represent, do not have his level of understanding, which, should make a meaningful difference, for the better! When you are ready, willing and able to effectively listen, and address their concerns, by answering their questions, in a way, which is service – oriented, clients benefit!

4. Recreate need; re – inspire: In order to effectively communicate, it is important to consistently, recreate the need, in order to assist a client, for the best interests! Inspiring, motivating, and re – inspiring, often, makes a significant difference, for the better!

5. You: A meaningful agent, realizes, clients must be given the information, resources, etc, so they are better equipped, to become their own, best friend, and pursue their best interests! You, the agent, as well as each client, must focus, on the best course of action, etc. It is incumbent upon the professional, to explain things thoroughly, while understanding, there is never a deal, without closing! Quality representation must be focused on teamwork, understanding, and professional actions!

Will you commit, to doing all you can, to enhance, and utilize the LEARY of speaking and communicating effectively, with your real estate clients? How well will you focus?