The Elevator Speech For Successful Real Estate Agents

In many areas of this country, there are large numbers of licensed real estate agents, including salespersons and brokers. Why, then, do some attract the most attention, and become better known, than others? Since it’s not necessarily, always, simply based on qualifications, knowledge, or performance, it’s important to examine, some of the other reasons, some are far more successful, than others! How can you make yourself, stand – out from the crowd, and distinguish yourself, in a positive way, from the rest of the pack? Why should someone pay attention to you, and how can you make your point, putting your best foot, forward, without appearing overly aggressive, or obnoxious? This article will briefly examine, the basics of one’s elevator speech, or how to whet a potential client’s appetite, and differentiate your service and representation.

1. Entice: One must entice those you come into contact with, without appearing obnoxious and/ or overly pushy/ aggressive! The best way to do this, is to begin, by asking others about themselves, because, there is no doubt, for most people, their favorite sound, is the sound of their own voice! In most instances, individuals will consider it, common courtesy, to inquire, what you do. When they do, you must carefully consider, and be prepared to respond, in an inspiring way, in 60 seconds or less. Use something that compliments your personality, perhaps, saying, you help people, achieve their objectives, by providing professional guidance and service. When they inevitably ask for more details, one might explain, you provide personalized professional service, which will achieve, either their homeowner – clients, or buyers, to get the best possible results, by focusing on their individual objectives, etc.

2. Enlighten: You’ll have only a few seconds to enlighten them, and let them know, how you differ, in a positive way, from the rest of the pack. Sometimes, this may include language such as, I guide sellers to achieve their goals, which generally include receiving the highest possible price, in the shortest period of time, with a minimum of hassle.

3. Get to the point: Cut through the excessive verbiage, and get to the point. Put yourself in their place, and never waste their time!

4. Whet appetite: Too often, real estate agents spend far too much time and effort, speaking about themselves, and an insufficient effort, focusing on their client’s needs, concerns and priorities! You must whet their appetite, so they are willing to grant you an appointment, to discuss in – depth.

5. Hot button: How quickly and effectively, will you be able to identify, and focus on a potential client’s hot button? Remember, it’s not about saying everything, now, but securing an appointment!

6. Leave them, wanting more: Take care, you don’t abuse their time and energy, but, rather, you must seek to, leave them, looking forward, to spending more quality time, with you, and learning more!

How effective and meaningful is your elevator speech? Why should any potential client care about what you say, and seek out your services and representation?