The Common Coffee Machine Problems and Their Solutions

Let’s face it. No matter what brand or what type you choose to get the best coffee machine available in the market, you are sure to encounter some underlying problems. Evidently, these issues will restrict you from enjoying a piping cup of coffee as the day starts. Therefore, before you start feeling betrayed by the makers, focus on the major problems that everyone has to face at some point in time. Go through the issues and prepare yourself to resolve those accordingly.

Problems in filter coffee machines

Filter coffee machines are not prone to usage problems as such, but you have to keep your focus on the heating plate for avoiding complications as soon as possible. In most of the commercial places, people often forget to remove the coffee pot from the plate after brewing. As a result, they end up burning the coffee by excessive heat that results in a bitter taste. If it becomes a continuous process, the plate gets damaged, and the replacement is undoubtedly costly.

Solution: The solution to this problem is to opt for a mechanism that turns off automatically once the brewing is done. The temperature drops down as soon as the coffee is brewed to an optimum level. Moreover, it can detect the temperature when a new pot of coffee is placed.

Standard maintenance tips: Make sure your appliance works properly by cleaning the ground basket for beans daily. If you can’t use paper filters, then you must remove all the parts and wash it thoroughly to prevent the coffee beans from clogging.

Issues with espresso coffee machines

It is quite disturbing when your espresso machine stops pouring the shots correctly, or the grind has turned coarse. Moreover, another major problem occurs when you find out water is leaking around the group handle.

Solution: If the situation is out of your control, then calling the experts is the wisest step you can take. As your coffee machine fails to produce rightly-ground coffee, it indicates you need to change the blades as soon as you can. Similarly, water leakage around the group handle suggests that the seal is not intact anymore. For troubleshooting the problems regarding grinding, you must remain sure regarding clogging problems or loose plumbing. If you can’t ensure a regular maintenance, then calling for an expert will be the best solution in this case.