The Coming Age of the Formation of Tax Unions to Collectively Negotiate Taxation Fees

There have been a tremendous number of negotiations between the Obama Administration and the labor unions. He has often changed his methodology and implementation of his signature ObamaCare plan when negotiating with these unions. He also negotiated with labor unions and creditors, giving the unions what they wanted in trade that they would support him politically for a second term in office. With unions knowing they are that strong in the political process, surely this will give way to the future of; tax unions.

What is a tax union? It is a group of people who collectively negotiate for lower taxes and a better deal. They would do this in the same vein is a Corporation does when it promises to bring jobs to an economic development area, all in trade for lower taxes in the future. A tax union has a lot of leverage, consider if you will a large group of people refusing to work, promising to stay on the public dole and not get a job unless they are guaranteed lower taxes if they do decide to work. What will the government do with such hard-core negotiation tactics? Will the federal government give in, or will it clamp down?

A Supreme Court justice once said that “it is every individual’s responsibility to pay the least amount of taxes.” Well, if these individuals get together, and we do allow collective bargaining in our great nation, then we will see the formation of tax unions. This will of course upset others who have to pay different levels of taxation, in different percentages than everyone else. This would be akin to the 1% having to pay more money than everyone else as a percentage of their earned income.

Right now, we have the lower 50% of our population paying no income tax, and they’ve negotiated this by voting for politicians which promise not to tax the poor. At some point in the middle class, what’s left of them, the good hard working men and women are going to get upset, and start forming their own coalitions. They will have more power, greater numbers, and a lot of pent up energy behind them. The federal government doesn’t understand they can’t have it both ways.

It can allow unions to force corporations into submission, or cause large employers to enroll in the ObamaCare mandate, unless it will maintain the equality in the law for all, that would include ditching the hypocrisy in Washington DC, and making sure that every government agency regardless of size; municipal, county, state, or federal also follows the ObamaCare mandate.

Some people might say the coming age of the formation of tax unions to collectively negotiate federal taxes can never occur. Sure it can. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.


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