The Biggest “Small Towns” in Western Canada

Some of the best towns are small towns. In the western provinces, you are sure to find breathtaking views, little hillside villages, and plenty of adventure. Let’s highlight some of the most underrated cities and towns of the Rockies.

Waterton, Alberta

This National Park has it all with majestic mountains, crystal lakes, and an array of wildlife. This quaint town is the perfect getaway for anyone who loves an adventure. Waterton is very proud of its beautiful community.

As a part of the Canadian Rockies, it’s one of the most underrated epic destinations in Canada. There are many hiking paths to explore, such as Bears Hump. There is The Prince of Wales Hotel to visit. It is another beautiful landmark that graces its shores.

Red Rock Canyon offers amazing views of the vast mountain terrain. After you check that out, you could take a kayak out onto the turquoise waters of Lake Waterton. Visually pleasing living with friendly neighbors and quaint local businesses. There is so much to do that you’ll keep coming back.

St. Albert, Alberta

St. Albert is another village in Alberta that is a hidden gem. You may have been browsing St. Albert real estate and noticed that St. Albert is one of the leading cities being a great place to raise a family. This is true and the town has so much to offer.

This quaint town has amazing landscape and architecture, including the Father Lacombe Chapel Provincial Historic Site. This chapel is a log building that was built in 1861. Additionally, there is the Musee Heritage Museum has exhibits that show the history of St. Albert.

Education is important to St. Albert and that is one of the most important features when looking for a small town to raise your family in. There are also a ton of employment opportunities in St. Albert as well. They are always looking for adding more businesses, entrepreneurs, and new opportunities in St. Albert. 

Nelson, British Columbia

Nelson is in the Selkirk Mountains and another beautiful town at the base of a beautiful mountain range with a crystal lake. At this point, it’s hard to find a small town without a beautiful backdrop. Nelson is a tight-knit town that has the traditional hometown feelings we all crave. 

There is the Downtown Cottonwood Community Market every week for half of the year. There is also the Artwalk to showcase the town’s community artists. In addition to that, there are many hiking trails and skiing and snowboarding. 

There are also streetcar rides that are a piece of history. Streetcars were popular at the beginning of the 20th century and were scheduled to be removed from most cities. However, they ended up restoring a lot of the streetcars and now they are a piece of Nelson’s history.

Any of these towns are sure to be not just a beautiful place to live, but a home you can be proud of. Many of these western provincial small towns are the whole package including sites, recreation, and opportunities.