The 6 Most Trendy Designs for Custom Packaging Boxes – What They’re Used For?

Custom packaging boxes are becoming more and more popular in the custom packaging industry. Businesses are starting to realize that customizing your custom-made boxes can not only increase your brand recognition but also improve customer satisfaction. There are many benefits of custom packages for custom products, so it’s no wonder businesses want to get their hands on them!

If you’re interested in ordering custom boxes wholesale, then this blog post is perfect for you! We’ll be discussing some of the trendiest designs for custom packaging box styles that will help boost your business with these trendy designs.

Trendy Designs for Custom Packaging Boxes

Window Boxes:

Window boxes are a great way to show off your product! Not only does it give customers an idea of the kind of products you offer, but it also gives them an insight into what they can expect from their purchase. 

Window packaging is ideal for retailers selling cosmetics and other beauty-related items – since most people wouldn’t buy something if they don’t know how it will look on them or use in real life. It’s important that your custom boxes have windows so that customers feel more secured about their purchases!


These boxes are usually used to display the products inside. A customer can look through the window of your custom packaging boxes to see what they can expect from their purchase.

Boxes with Custom Pockets:

Pockets are a great way to add more value and convenience when it comes to custom boxes for packaging purposes! They allow you to showcase your product in its best light while also keeping them safe and secure at all times. There is no better feeling than buying something that looks amazing out of the box, then opening it up and finding that they have added extra pockets just for your benefit!

No other form of customized packing container allows you easy access like this does. Custom pocketed boxes give customers an experience unlike any other – which will make them remember who gave them such a great experience forever!


These boxes can be used as gift card holders, additional storage, or simply to showcase what you are selling in a unique way.

Display Boxes:

Display packages are also very trendy among the customers who want to put a statement on their products.

Display boxes come in different shapes and sizes, but one of the most important characteristics is that they are transparent so you can see your product from any angle.


This type of custom box design helps show off what’s inside, which makes it perfect for retail stores! If you have something unique or beautifully designed, this will be an eye-catching option for sure.

Custom display packaging works perfectly as gifts or swag too. If there’s anything we’ve learned from all those Hollywood awards shows on TV, it’s that people love attention when it comes to showcasing things like these!

Gable Boxes:

Gable boxes are one of the most popular choices for custom packaging. They usually come in a rectangle shape and have two separate flaps on top, which give it its name: “gable.” These types of packages can be used to hold all kinds of products!

These packages are made with a single sheet of corrugated cardboard which means they can be lightweight and easily recycled. Custom gable boxes are a great option for gift baskets, custom food packaging, or even retail packaging too!


These designs work great as gifts, giveaways, or even swag at conferences. They’re also perfect if you want your product to stand out from the competition with something unique that people will remember!

It’s called “retail” because they were originally designed for retailers, but now businesses everywhere use them too! This type is only used by companies who care about their image – after all, nothing else looks like (except other custom packaging boxes).

Tuck Top Boxes:

Another very popular choice for customized packaging is the tuck top box design. These types of packages have two separate flaps on top that fold into each other to secure your product inside, making it close securely with no need for glue, tape, or staples. They’re easy to open and re-seal if you want to change out your products at any time! This type of package also offers plenty of space, so there’s room only limited by how big you think your item could possibly be. Which I hope is pretty big!


Tuck top boxes are mostly used for food items, but there isn’t really a limit to what could be put inside.

Boxes with String and Button Knots:

Another type of design is the box that has a string or button knot on top so you can tie it up. These designs are particularly popular for items like candles, bath salts, fragrances, candy bars/treats, etc. What makes these types of boxes unique is they’re self-closing, which means there’s no need to fuss around with tape or glue because all you have to do is lift one flap over another and secure them together either by slipping your fingers into the small opening or by tying a cute bow (if applicable) at the center.

This type of custom packaging also leaves plenty of room inside as well since only half the package opens up. The box with a small opening on top where you can slip in your hand and easily reach inside for products like bath bombs, body lotion/scrub, etc. These boxes also have plenty of room underneath since they’re specifically designed to fit bigger items that fit comfortably into the palm of your hands, such as these types of custom packaging boxes.


Customers love these types of custom boxes because they’re easy to open and close (and even re-close if necessary) since you can easily slip your fingers into the small opening. Moreover, it’s very convenient for customers that need quick access to their products or ones where packaging is not as big a concern as with bigger items such as bath bombs versus full-size lipsticks.

Conclusion: I hope this blog has given you helpful information about the trendy designs for custom packaging boxes. You can choose any of the designs for the custom box solutions. Just select a design as per

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