Teacher the Star of the Show – Are Learners the Adoring Fans?

Online teaching is fun. Yes, if you have the tools and the skills needed to have a successful online engagement with learners.

Say, you are in the middle of your discussion then someone from your class accidentally clicked on the presenting menu. And, of course, the attention of your learners will be taken away from you.

Then, a minute or two will be lost for you have to attend to the matter at hand, and give the much-needed reminder that no one should be tinkering on their lappie or desktop or what-not so as to avoid this kind of incident to happen again.

Well, it was a sign that perhaps there is boredom brewing among your learners, and they wanted something bombastic a style, especially if the hour is not friendly enough to making them all-awake and utmost attentive absorbing everything said and presented to them.

How do we make our online engagement that really an engagement sans the boredom and all? Well, read on and learn a thing or two.

1. Never spend more than 30 percent taking the center stage. Yes, let learners have 70 percent participation slot instead of you, the teacher, getting all the time talking and discussing, and the like… except when you are using Socratic approach where lessons are being tackled through probing questions.

2. Variety is key. Use presentation slides with balanced amount of text, photos, colors and the rest so as to avoid dull presentation. Surprise them with moving objects, varied strategies, big actions if there’s a need for those, say little kids need big actions, animated voice, and loud colors and so on.

3. Maintain composure. You do not know who among your learners are naughty enough taking screenshots of you, and might be making fun of you later, instead of absorbing wisdom from your lesson. That’s why parents or guardians are around during online class seeing that everything is in order and nobody’s doing inappropriate things while online.


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