Tax Cheats and Skipping Out On Paying Your Fair Share – Redistribution, Socialism and Government

Not long ago, I was discussing the controversies of ObamaCare in the media, around October and November of 2013. You will probably recall the unfortunate roll-out of the $600 million website, and the massive cancellations of private health insurance policies, after people were previously promised on many instances, by the President himself no doubt, that everyone could keep their doctors and their health care plans if they wanted to. Let’s talk some more.

You see, in business, if you lie to someone about a product or service, you lied and used false inducement, fraudulent marketing, or misrepresentation in advertising – then you’d have to give the consumer, client or customer their money back. Well, what do you do when a government lies? Do you still owe your taxes? One could make a case for this, stating that “NO” you wouldn’t owe taxes or payments to a government that reneges on its promises. Shall we probe this topic deeper?

FORA TV had an interesting video posted to their site on November 13, 2013 titled; “Taxing Ourselves Into – or Out of – Trouble?” which is worthy of your time to watch. It talked about tax cheats, offshore accounts, shadow banking, and lost revenues in so many first world nations, along with emerging nation and the consequences of all of that for a stable, sustainable and a fair economy. All of this should not come as any surprise to those in the know.

Yes, but Tax re-distribution is in effect legal “stealing” by governments. And when government manipulates its tax laws for agenda driven ideology or crony capitalism – then the problem is with the government, not the taxed. How dare elitists attempt to promote their socialism like this. These morons must be the offspring of the kings and queens of Europe thinking that they deserve the power in the first place.

An acquaintance of mine puts it like this; “Governments waste money, after they steal it, they leave billions of people economically enslaved – and not only are their endeavors often corrupt, but the law of unintended consequences ought to be engraved on their head stones and pyramids!”

Wow, those are some sharp words, and had they been spoken in prior periods they would be fighting words and considered tax-revolt talk, putting them on a short list of citizens that needed to be, well, taken care of, so to speak. If someone “cheats on their taxes” after the government lies to them and attempts to take more (thus, stealing) then is the citizen without recourse really a bad person? Hmm, why not think on this.


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