So, You Want to Start a Haulage Company?

A lot of people are looking to start their own business, rather than having to work for someone else. This is because it is easier to start a business that it is to find a job. That is the kind of economy that people have these days.

Ten years ago, if you had asked people whst they preferred to do, start a business or get a job with someone else, then there is no doubt that they would have said get a job. It was just the safer choice. Now, though, it is safer to start a business that to get a job with the local council.

Council jobs used to be the kind of jobs that people have for the rest of their lives, but half of the job losses last year and this year have been council positions or positions in stores or the police. No job is truly safe and people are a lot better trying to fill a niche and get their business off the ground.

Starting a haulage business can be very successful but you will have to know what you need to get the business started. You can’t just start driving up and down the country in your car. You will need to have some money to start up. If you have been made redundant then you will have some money to start the business up.

What do you need the money for?

Well first of all, you will need to pay for some trucks. You can start with one truck and then build up the fleet of trucks as you start getting clients. You don’t have to buy a brand new truck, you could save a bit and buy a second hand truck but you will have to make sure that it has been through the proper checks.


Don’t forget that if you are going to start a haulage business, then you will need to get the proper licenses. You need to have a specific license if your vehicle is over a certain weight. In some haulage industries the size of the vehicle is 3.5 tonnes.

Keep in mind that you might have to have certain licenses and meet certain requirements if you are hauling certain things. For example, if you are hauling meat to be used for human consumption, you will have to see if there are any health and safety rules that you need to stick with. If you don’t stick to the rules then you could lose money and it might result in legal action being taken against you.


You need to find suitable premises to run your haulage company out of. This might be a small office to begin with but once your business starts to grow, you might need a bigger place. In a bigger place you could have room to park all the trucks that you might have and you might need to look for storage room for thinks that are waiting to be delivered.