Senior Medical Insurance – Not Just One Choice

There are several important choices and options to consider when looking for the best coverage and the least expensive senior medical insurance and financial assistance–annuities, health insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance, and life insurance.

Annuities are insurance products that provide income immediately or in the future. The purchaser pays at least one premium, and in turn the insurance company provides income to the purchaser. There are several different varieties of annuities, the two widest groups being immediate (those that supply income right away) and deferred (those that supply income at a later date). Annuities are beneficial for many seniors as they aren’t able to work to earn their own income.

Health insurance is important for everyone to have–not just seniors. Health insurance can pay a part or even sometimes the whole of medical costs, rather than leaving the senior or senior’s family to pay the costs.

Disability insurance is available for those who meet the social securities criteria for having a medical disability and aren’t able to work for a year or longer because of the medical disability. Since many seniors fall into this category and qualifying for disability insurance is a long process, it should be applied for immediately upon discovering its need.

Long term care insurance covers two main groups–the elderly (seniors) and those with debilitating illnesses and diseases. With long term care insurance, costs for long term care will be covered rather than paid out of pocket by the senior or the senior’s family.

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