Selling Your Home? 5 Benefits Of Hiring An Agent

You’ve decided you want to sell your home, and need to make may decisions and determinations, if you are to get the best, possible result! There are some people, who believe, they’ll do better, if they attempt to do – it. themselves, often believing the commission, they will avoid paying, will automatically, translate, into, more money, in their pockets. However, in reality, this is often, not the case, and, often, quite the contrary! In addition, there are numerous other advantages, to hiring a quality, professional, real estate agent, which we will discuss, briefly, in this article. Let’s review 5 benefits of using an agent, rather than using, the, For Sale By Owner (FSBO) approach.

1. Price/ pricing; listing; selling; price adjustments: Since, in the vast number of instances, a homeowner receives his best offers, in the first few weeks, after it is listed, for sale, doesn’t it make sense, it, therefore, is essential, to price a house, right, from the start? Shouldn’t someone, with expertise and knowledge of the local market, be more capable, of doing so, because he knows the competition, and the market – place? Unfortunately, many owners are unrealistic about, what offers to anticipate, because, they make the mistake of equating listing price, with what it sells for! How would someone, with a more – limited understanding of the real estate market (and machinations) be able to objectively, understand, when a price adjustment, may be called for, and needed, to get the house sold, in the shortest period of time, at the best possible price, with the least amount of hassle and stress? According to studies done by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), and others, even, after commissions paid, homeowners using agents, receive higher, better offers!

2. Showings: If you believe, you can, do this, yourself, are you prepared to be available for showings, even at potentially, inconvenient times? Are you ready, willing and able, to make yourself constantly available, even when it might conflict, with personal commitments and events? Shouldn’t a professional, who is trained and object, do a better job, showing the property, effectively?

3. Local knowledge: You know your home, but agents, especially better ones, have a high degree of relevant, significant, local knowledge. This helps position the houses, they represent, in the most positive manner!

4. MLS/ networking: If you do it yourself, how will you maximize the number of qualified, potential buyers, who view your house? On the other hand, agents call upon extensive networks of personal contacts, previous clients and customers, individuals who have viewed competitive properties, and other agents. Your property is also extensively marketed on Multiple Listing Service (MLS). which exponentially increases, your potential, for viewing. Remember, while you seek the right buyer for your home, the more potential buyers, who view it, the better your chances!

5. Transaction; paperwork; hold hands: If you aren’t familiar with the paperwork, and other necessities, of a real estate transaction, the ordeal may be cumbersome, challenging, and intimidating. If it is not handled properly, efficiently and effectively, you’ll also risk, blowing the deal! Qualified agents are familiar with the paperwork, and can ease this process. Choose one, who will hold your hand, throughout the entire process, from listing and showings, to negotiations, transaction, and closing!

Hopefully, this article has helped you, better understand, the value, for a homeowner, of using a professional real estate agent! Avoid the error of believing you can better do this yourself, or possessing, the equivalent of being, Penny – wise, and pound – foolish!