Sale Your Way to Financial Success

It is possible to sell your way to financial success. That is the good news.

It is highly improbable you will sell your way to financial success. That is the real news.

Why would I say it’s “highly improbable”. you will sell our way to financial success? Because the way most sales programs are set up through insurance companies a new agent has to break free from the pack in order to find financial success.

Let me explain. Almost every company has some type of training in place. This is essential to being successful. However, if all an agent needed was to be trained, then companies would be filled with productive agents. However that is not the truth. No matter what you chosen field of endeavor, you will need a lot more than training if you want to become a star in your career.

Common misconceptions to finding financial success as an agent include;

1) All you need to do is memorize and deliver our sales presentation- there is a lot of truth to that but each client you meet is different. You must be flexible enough to adapt your presentation to meet your clients needs. This thought that every situation requires the same presentation will cause a new agent to fail.

2) If you fail, it’s because you are not following our system – this is a very arrogant statement. It assumes that the system in place is foolproof. Anyone who has watched what has happened to big businesses over the years can tell you otherwise. Ask Enron, Circuit City and Lehman Brothers if doing things in the way they worked before has worked out for them.