Retail Surety Bonds for Florida Businesses: Lottery, Beer, Wine and Tobacco

If you’re a retailer in Florida, or you’re considering a new business venture, then it’s essential that you’re aware of all of the state’s regulations and requirements in terms of surety bonds. Business surety bonds are used for a variety of different reasons, whether it’s to guarantee payment of taxes of certain goods, prevent fraudulent or inappropriate sales, or other illicit behavior, and on down the line.

This means that some of the most common types of Florida business bonding for retailers are the high-traffic items of lottery tickets, beer and wine, liquor, and tobacco products including cigarettes. This group of products are often lumped together as they’re considered the “sin” or “vice” products and services which so many people utilize. Of course, each one though has different requirements and regulations for proper, legal sales.

Cigarette tax bonds are financial guarantee bonds for the payment of the lofty taxes on cigarettes. Tax bonds for cigarettes are a requirement because taxes are used on these products as a form of deterrence and state revenue, and this has encouraged illegal activity in the sales of cigarette and tobacco products through other means, and without generating that tax revenue.

There are also a variety of different licenses and permits which may apply for tobacco and cigarette sales. This includes the RTPD, or Florida Retail Tobacco Products Dealer Permit and a variety of different licenses for wholesale distribution, manufacturing and importing, all of which are heavily regulated in Florida due to its proximity to Cuba.

For retail businesses, you’ll need a Retail Beverage sales license. The amount and type required depends on whether you’re selling beer and wine, liquor, or both.

There are over a dozen different permits related to beer, wine and alcohol in the state of Florida. These range from distributor’s salesperson, to beer and wine consumption on premise, package sales, performance centers, and even golf clubs. At, more information is available on all of the professional licenses and permits being discussed here.

For Florida lottery bonds, all of the specific details and regulations are available via The official website of the Florida lottery has a lengthy PDF documents which discloses full information on the application and fee process, retailer contracts and accountability, compensation and responsibilities, and more.

The state of Florida actually has two different types of lottery bonds. First, there’s the Florida Lottery Bond, which is run through the Florida Lottery as described above. Additionally though, there’s also a Game Promotion surety bond, via the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.