Rent to Own – Lease Option Your New Florida Home – Scam Alert – Part 8

Real estate “professionals” attempt to create urgency — that you must rush your decisions or lose your dream home.

In a hot real estate market, the number one tip to avoid disappointment is to get informed…educate yourself. The Internet offers much valuable information, as well as local real estate sources.

Some tips to minimze the anxiety and financial disaster resulting from hasty decisions when buying a home the traditional way, on a rent-to-own, lease-option, or lease-purchase:

==>> Do as much research on the housing market as you can before you start shopping for a home. Once you personally understand the types of homes and the prices of those homes in the areas you desire, you won’t hesitate when you see your new home.

==>> Get pre-approved by a mortgage specialist BEFORE you start house hunting. Do NOT rely on a “pre-qual” letter from some an Internet mortgage source. There is a huge difference between a “pre-qual” letter and a “pre-approve” letter. NOTE: If you choose an exotic loan program, i.e. interest only, adjustable rate, etc, understand the implications when the rate ajusts. Can you afford a worst-case scenario with the rate adjustment? By no means are “exotic” loan programs “bad” — you simply need to understand upfront how each program works.

==>> Surround yourself during the house hunting process with knowledgeable people you trust. Working together, your rent-to-own home specialist, mortgage specialist, and you can accomplish your goal of home ownership.

==>> Understand that when you find your new home, you will know it, and you will know that you can afford it. You won’t need to make a rash decision, since you’re prepared once you find your new home; you also won’t have to jeopardize losing your new home to somebody else who wants to purchase the same home.

It’s inevitable that somebody else saw a home the day before and needed to sleep on it. The next day you saw the same home and also needed to sleep on it, as the family that slept on it has now returned to buy it. When you show up the next day to try to purchase it, it’s gone.

If you can afford the home you want, act promptly to submit an offer to purchase it, having already completed your research.

Often, people out to rip you off attempt to create urgency – that if you fail to buy at the moment you will lose the opportunity.

Even in Florida’s red-hot housing market, if you are not convinced a particular home is the home for your family, another home will come along.

Your new dream home is out there and just waiting for you. Be prepared so that when you find it, you can make informed decisions quickly and avoid costly mistakes.