Rent to Own – Lease Option Your New Florida Home – Scam Alert – Part 5

“We got screwed, and we should have known better,” said Tim Johnson of Orlando, Florida, whose family took advantage of what he thought was a great opportunity on a rent to own home offered by the homeowner (or FSBO).

“The bottom line,” Johnson added, “was that the seller cheated us with a contract that allowed him to kick us out and take his house back when he realized the house was worth more than he had agreed in writing to sell us the house. We were supposed to pay association dues. We didn’t know that. We thought our rent payment covered everything. When we didn’t pay the dues, he said we were in default and kicked us out.”

Beware of FSBOs (For Sale By Owners) Offering Rent-to-Own.

If you are dealing with a homeowner or for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) offering rent-to-own terms, you must be extremely careful. Even if you believe the homeowner has the best intentions, understand that what you don’t know about buying and selling real estate could steal your dreams and cost you thousands of dollars.

Are you willing to take the risk?

“That %$&* stole our down payment [on our rent to own Florida home] and [destroyed our dream] when we failed to read carefully the contract we signed.”

Unless you are absolutely confident in negotiating this type of transaction and absolutely confident in the contracts utilized, you are potentially inviting a horrible and expensive legal clash down the road.

With an honest homeowner offerering rent to own terms, it is an inconvenience promulgated by the homeowner’s and future homeowner’s lack of understanding of all paperwork involved in a rent-to-own, lease-option, or lease-purchase contract.

With a dishonest homeowner offering rent to own terms, you may endure a costly legal nightmare capable of haunting you for years.

How well can people do something for which they are not trained and in which they have little or no experience?

Still worse is the dishonest homeowner with the “honest and sincere” look whose contracts set you up for failure after you have performed honorably and now must fight the legal system or move out of your home. Similar horror stories occur daily.

We all want a “deal,” but to what extent do you plan to “deal” with the horror resulting from your “dealmaking?”

“What we learned,” Johnson added, “is that we have to get a lawyer involved. That should never have happened. Can you imagine my children…and how hurt they were when we had to move?”

Advice: If you insist on going through with a home on rent-to-own terms negotiated with the home’s owner, pay the $250.00 to get a lawyer to review ALL the paperwork and to advise you