React Native App Development: Top 5 Databases

React native app development is the top-of-the-choice for businesses when it comes to developing a powerful and high-performing mobile application. It provides great features and SDK support. And database management is among the important aspects that top React Native app development company pay very close attention to. 

It works as a backbone of React Native to provide efficiency, scalability, and usability to the mobile application. Many developers are often confused about using the database in React Native app development. 

If you are also facing such troubles, then relax. Here, I have listed the top 5 databases that you can implement in your React Native app development project. 

But before we head to, let’s know

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing a Database for React Native App Development

Ease of Use

When choosing a database management system make sure it is relatively easy to implement with the React Native framework. You should check the database support in increasing the speed of the mobile app development process. Also, your mobile app development company must have expertise in using the selected database. 

Memory Management

Memory management controls the mobile app data. Here, you have to check whether the database properly manages mobile app data. Otherwise, improper mobile app data management can lead to app crashes and affect the overall app performance. 

Offline Data Synchronization

Users always want a seamless and consistent performance of the app. Especially in slow or offline internet connection, you should ensure the database provides offline data synchronization ability. 

Handling Complexity of Data

When there is a large size of data the complexity gets increased. In this case, a database management system stores data in JSON structure or key values to reduce the complexity. So consider this factor while choosing a database for React Native app development. 

Top Databases for React Native App Development

1. Realm

Realm is an old database management platform that was launched in 2004. It is an open-source mobile database based on an object-oriented data model.  Realm’s synchronization works bi-direction. It keeps data updated between the client and server-side. And since Realm is a cross-platform and object-oriented database, it is a highly suitable database for React Native app development. 

Realm database has two components Realm object server and Realm database. These components work together which automatically synchronizes data and provides a variety of use cases. Realm allows React Native developers to derive database solutions for JavaScript, Swift, objective-C, Java, Kotlin, and .NET programming languages. 

Key Benefits of Realm

  • Easy to use
  • 10x faster than SQLite in mobile app development
  • Offline capability
  • Support cross-platform 
  • Extensive APIs

2. Firebase

Firebase is a NoSQL database backed by Google. It is one of the top databases for developing web and mobile applications. It supports MVC-based React Native applications which need a high database. Firebase is considered an ideal database choice when a mobile app needs offline updating of data and synchronization ability. 

Firebase provides support tools for tracking the performance and bugs in the mobile application. Firebase is compatible with SOX regulations. It means you can easily use it for fintech industry solutions.

Key Benefits of Firebase

  • Easy to implement with React Native
  • Allows data synchronization for multiple platforms
  • Easy to set up and high-end security
  • Good documentation
  • Rapid prototyping

3. SQLite

SQLite is a relational database management system. It is a lightweight database framework which is highly suitable to React Native app development. SQLite is an open-source library based on the C programming language. It requires minimal effort in setup, resources, and database administration. 

SQLite is directly embedded into the end program and stores data locally in the application. It requires no configuration and reduces the need for access control. As a result, SQLite stands out as a compatible and high-performing database for React Native app development. 

Key Benefits of SQLite

  • Serverless capability
  • ACID-compliant
  • Data is stored locally in the application
  • Provides TCL integration
  • Support almost all SQL standards

4. PouchDB

PouchDB is an open-source and lightweight database management system. It is a NoSQL and JavaScript-based database framework that uses JSON format. PouchDB provides the replication ability to synchronize data with several clients without the loss of any data. 

It also offers good offline data accessibility because it stores data locally during a slow internet connection. PouchDB provides lightweight features and supports cross-platform app development. Therefore, it is a good choice for React Native app development. 

Key benefits of PouchDB

  • Support data synchronization for any supported server
  • Data replication
  • SSL integration
  • Cross-platform app development

5. Watermelon DB

Watermelon DB is an open-source database like SQLite. It is built for developing complex-level web and mobile applications. Since Watermelon DB is based on SQLite functionality, it provides faster database loading into JavaScript. As a result, it gets the ability to scale millions of records without losing its speed and process the data quickly. 

Watermelon DB is considered a good database for React Native app development when the app requires expert handling of data persistence on slower devices. As per Github, Watermelon DB is used by React Native developers for developing high-performing mobile applications. 

Key Benefits of Watermelon DB

  • Allow static typing with TypeScript or Flow
  • Data plugging into components
  • Renders UI automatically which made in the database
  • Support app development on SQLite foundation


Database plays an important role in developing a high-performing mobile application with React Native. Your developers need to be aware of the technical aspects of the database to effectively create a quality React Native application. However, as there are many databases, choosing the perfect one might be a difficult task. 

And this is where you need expert assistance from an experienced mobile app development company that can help you integrate the best database as per your project requirements. So,  hire react native app developers who hold solid expertise in implementing

find out the right tech partner to successfully derive the maximum value from a database for React Native. 

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Josephine is a React Native developer at MobileCoderz-a premier React Native app development company that provides high-standard web and mobile app solutions to startups and business ventures. She has been developing mobile apps using React Native for the last 5 years. She holds great skills in database integration and JavaScript programming. Apart from this, She likes to go on adventure tours and write tech blogs. 

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