Protective Features of Leather Biker Jackets

Of all types of motorized forms of transportation, the motor bike rider is the one who is most exposed to danger and as a result, they need more protective gear than the rest. Motor cycle gear and apparel comes in many forms but the primary ones include the helmet, leather trousers and a matching jacket as well as riding boots. The main reason why riders wear the leather biker jacket is the fact that it has protective features and will cover the rider and protect them from all manner of injuries in case they fall or are involved in an accident.

Biker jackets became popular in the 1940s and especially when they featured in the film “The Wild One” played by Marlon Brando. Apart from simply looking stylish and popular, they are also designed to completely protect a rider’s arms and torso. A rider wearing a jacket can be sure that they are protected from all manner of abrasions, breezes and frost while on the road. There are basically two types of protective biker jackets; the every day trouser and jacket type or the stylish multicolored single piece that you must have seen racing riders wearing on tracks. Some of the very good ones are also padded on the elbows and shoulders therefore giving them extra protection.

A good quality leather biker jacket needs to come with stuffing on the back and chest and will also have some semi-rigid padding; this ensures that it is strong enough to provide the mush needed protection. Since the rider is always exposed to the elements of nature, it also needs to be made of waterproof leather so that you can even use during the rains without necessarily having to put on a rain coat. Also look out for other characteristic such as superior adjustability, all weather protection and that it has a functional pocket gap. Even with all these superior qualities, the jacket will remain as light as possible without compromising on the safety aspects.