Positive Impact

What is your passion? Is it music, art, theater, movies, sports, helping others, giving back to the community? Almost everyone has something they are passionate about! It’s that thing that makes them feel like they have purpose. For me it is definitely music!

I have been involved in music since I was a child. I learned piano at a very young age and continued with choir in high school. It has always been something I turn to when I need to relax or wind down. Music helps me feel like I am accomplishing something because I can reach others with music in a way that moves their hearts. There is something about pouring your heart out in a song that touches others and that is so powerful to me! It sparks others to make positive changes in their lives as well! It is such an incredibly powerful thing!

As a musician, I love watching young aspiring musicians perform. I love to watch the joy in their eyes as they master a new skill or song. It gives them something to be proud of. It saddens me a bit that schools have cut music and arts from curriculum as a part of the budgeting process. I would love to see more performing arts centers that help young students develop their musical abilities if a music program is not available to them through their school curriculum.